What is Tails Club?

Tails Club is a social media web application made specifically for creative furry enthusiasts and everyone interested in furry content. It has many similar features to other social media applications, such as profiles, posting, following, up and down voting, commenting, group messaging, and more. It has an emphasis on minimalism, clean design, and modern technologies. Think of it as a mashup between Furaffinity and Twitter!

Tails Club has been in the makings since January of 2019. The programming, hosting, and managing of social media presence is all being done by one person. If you would like to support the development of Tails Club, you can click the button below to view our Ko-Fi page. All supporters are eligible to receive a special supporter badge on the website and a role in our Discord server, no matter how much you donate.

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Tails Club wouldn't be possible without the help of some very special people and groups:

  • Nyrah for the adorable artwork of Kiba.
  • Rex and XYZ for constantly listening to me ramble about the site as it was being created and providing wonderful ideas.
  • The people who made the 30+ dependencies that Tails Club relies on.
  • Font Awesome for the icons.
  • instant.page for speeding up the site.
  • espymeow for providing the server that Tails Club runs on.
  • The group of beta testers who helped during the beta testing phase.
  • The dozen or so people who checked up on the development of the project as it was being worked on it.



Owner & Developer