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Help Topics

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my content showing up weird?

All content is "sanitized" upon inputting to the server to prevent users from doing anything malicious to the website or other users. The content that you entered, perhaps an & or an >, was probably caught by our server and sanitized.


You can mention users, posts, and tags in posts, comments, profile descriptions, and messages. This provides an easy way for users to preview and access that content in the context of where it's mentioned.

How to Mention a User:

Type an @ followed by a username

Example: @meowsome

(Mentioning a user will notify the user if they have access to view the location where they were mentioned)

How to Mention a Post:

Type a > followed by a post ID

Example: >5db39a0384e8b5096da42792

(Post IDs are found in the URL of the post, after /post/)

(Please note that you can only mention 4 posts at a time. This limit is in place to prevent spamming.)

How to Mention a Tag:

Type a # followed by a tag name

Example: #kiba

(Mentioning a tag does not "tag" the content, it is a reference to posts with that tag)

Strikes and Bans


Tails Club follows a Three Strike System. If you break the Terms and Conditions and you are either reported by another user or discovered by a member of our staff team, you will receive a strike on your account. Strikes expire after one year. When you receive a strike, an email will be sent to you with information such as how to appeal the strike. To view how many strikes you have against your account, visit the settings page and look for "Account Strikes" in the first section. If you don't have any strikes, this section will not appear for you.


If at any time you receive three strikes on your account, or if a staff member deems your account worthy of being banned, your account will be marked as "Banned". You will receive an email with information about how to appeal the ban if you feel it was created in error. Your account will remain active for a while, but you will not be able to log in. When a staff member reviews your ban, you will either have your ban revoked or your account and all of its content terminated. All bans are reviewed a little while after they are initiated.

Rate Limiting

Tails Club limits the amount of requests each IP address makes to the server in a certain amount of time. That is, within that time period, you can only load a page, submit a form, or request additional content, whether it be through a page with infinite scrolling or content that is loaded or sent without reloading the page, a limited number of times. We also set additional limits on other actions, such as creating new message groups or uploading posts, which reset daily. All of these limits are set in place to prevent attacks and spam. If you exceed a certain limit, you will receive a message in place of the page saying something along the lines of 'You have exceeded the amount of (action you were doing) that are allowed in (the time period). Please try again later'. If you exceed a limit, please try again at the time indicated in the message. If you continue to run into a limit, please contact us so we can look into adjusting it.

Post Analytics

Success on each post is calculated from comparing the post's score, comment count, share count, and view count to the averages from all your posts for each of these categories. Score weighs two times as much as the others. If your success for a post is 100%, that means it is average with all of the rest of your posts. If it is above 100%, it is doing better than your other posts, and if it is below 100%, it is doing worse.

Hidden Posts or Users

There are various reasons that you might not be able to view a post or user. This may be because of the following:

  • The other user's profile is private
  • You or the other user blocked each other
  • You have NSFW disabled in your settings
  • A post tag is in your tag blacklist

Tag Blacklist

You can find your tag blacklist in your settings page under the "Privacy" section. You won't see posts that contain any of the tags you list in this section anywhere, including in searches. To specify multiple tags, separate each tag by spaces. Blacklisting a tag will also prevent you from being able to vote, comment, or otherwise interact with the post unless you remove the tag hiding the post from your blacklist.


Albums are a tool for you to organize your posts. You can easily group certain posts together for visitors to your profile to view, such as pictures from a convention or pages of a comic. Only posts that you create can be added to albums.

Albums are displayed directly below the main card on your profile page. The icon of the album is the first media of the first post that contains media in your album. If no media exists, it will default to your profile picture. Only 4 albums can be shown on your profile at a time and the rest will be available from a dedicated albums page. Albums have a default priority of 50. You can update the priority of an album in the album settings page. The lower the priority, the closer to the top of the page the album is displayed. The albums with the lowest 4 priorities are the ones that are displayed on your profile. You can add up to 200 posts to an album and you can have a maximum of 50 albums.


We show one advertisement for every page that you see on Tails Club. These advertisements are either generated by Google AdSense or by content from Tails Club. If you wish to learn more about Google AdSense advertising on Tails Club, check out our Privacy Policy.

User Ads and Creator Spotlight

Advertisements that are not from Google AdSense can either be a user ad or a "Creator Spotlight". User ads are ads that Tails Club users pay to show for a specific period of time, and the Spotlight feature highlights one notable user on the website that has their commission settings enabled. The spotlight rotates on a weekly basis. Once a user is chosen for the spotlight, they cannot be chosen again for the following 10 spotlight cycles. If you do not wish to be chosen for the spotlight, simply disable your commissions.

Submitting User Ads

You can submit an advertisement to us to have it shown to users of Tails Club. Please contact us with the image you wish to use for the ad, the link you want it to lead to, the duration you would like it to be displayed for, and your budget. The content of the advertisement and the link that it leads to must follow our SFW guidelines in our Upload Policy.

How to Opt Out of Advertisements

If you wish to opt out of advertisements, please log in or create an account and navigate to the Website Appearance section of your Settings page. There is a toggle which you can turn off to opt out which will hide advertisements on all pages that you visit while logged in to this account.

While this option is available, we ask you to please consider keeping advertisements enabled and whitelisting us on your advertisement blocking software. Tails Club ensures that all ads you see are unintrusive and don't hinder your experience or page load time. Advertisements generate the only revenue that Tails Club earns and are the only way that this website is able to continue functioning.

Message Groups

Member Limitations

Groups can have a maximum of 15 members and must have a minimum of 1 admin. If there is 1 admin in a group and that admin tries to leave, they won't be allowed to leave until they appoint a new admin. When all members of a group leave, that group is deleted.

Admins and Admin Permissions

Admins have the ability to appoint new admins, demote other admins, invite members to a group, kick members from a group, and delete a group and all of its content. When a group is first created, the creator of the group is appointed as the first admin.

Not Safe for Work Content

"NSFW" and "SFW"

NSFW means Not Safe for Work, and SFW means Safe for Work. When a post is flagged as NSFW, that means that it contains content that is either targeted towards viewers that are 18 years old or older or it contains content that is not safe to be viewed in a work environment.

How to enable NSFW content

You must be 18 years or older and have a registered account to view NSFW content on Tails Club. NSFW content is hidden by default. When logged in, navigate to the Privacy section of your Settings page. Enable the toggle titled "Show NSFW Content".

Account Verification

What is Account Verification?

Account verification ensures anyone who visits your account that your account is genuine. This is done by displaying a special badge next to your username in most places on the website. Verification is useful for popular figures, companies, organizations, or anything with a big following that has an account on Tails Club to let users know that the account they are viewing is the official account of whatever party it is representing and not a fanpage or imitator.

Verification Requirements

In order to become verified on Tails Club, one must have...

  • An informational bio on Tails Club.
  • A profile picture on Tails Club.
  • A public account on Tails Club.
  • A non-banned account on Tails Club.
  • A steady, recent flow of content posted on Tails Club.
  • Content that complies with our Terms and Conditions and our Upload Policy.
  • A presence on another website outside of Tails Club, such as Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, or others.
  • A pitch as to why Tails Club should consider verifying the account.

In order to maintain verification status on Tails Club, one must...

  • Stick to the same topic on the account at the time of verification and not radically change the account's topic.
  • Maintain everything listed above.

We reserve the right to add and revoke verification status on any user at any time for any reason without notice.

Are We Missing Something?

If you feel like there's something missing from this page, please let us know!