Upload Policy

Upload Policy

Content Guidelines

We welcome all creative furry enthusiasts and everyone interested in furry content to share their work on Tails Club, no matter whether it be artwork, photography, animation, 3D models, games, stories, music, or anything else. However, we do have guidelines for what is allowed and what is not. Please thoroughly read through this page to learn about what is acceptable to upload and what is not so you can avoid any punishments. All guidelines on this page apply to both descriptions and media of posts as well as profile pictures. All posts and profile pictures must also comply with our Terms and Conditions.

This page only covers content being uploaded in posts and profile pictures. For content being uploaded in messages, comments, bios, and anywhere else, please read through our Terms and Conditions.

Unacceptable Content

It is unacceptable to upload any content that...

  • Is illegal in your area or in the states of Florida or Virginia, United States.
  • Contains or contains links to malicious code, viruses, or anything else that can damage or interfere with a user's computer or the server that the website runs on.
  • Harasses or threatens any person or group of people.
  • Is misleading or deceptive.
  • Offers fraudulent goods, services, or promotions.
  • Spams the same message repeatedly numerous times.
  • Has already been deleted by a staff member and you are uploading it again knowingly.
  • Shows or depicts a minor, underage character, or solo human in a NSFW situation (See definition below).
  • Shows a real life animal in a NSFW situation (See definition below).

Acceptable Content

It is acceptable to upload content that...

  • Is relevant to "furries" or depicts anthropomorphic or feral characters or animals.
  • Is your own creation or something that you have permission from the creator to share.
  • Advertises a platform that monetizes your content (e.g. Patreon).
  • Advertises your account on a streaming platform (e.g. Picarto).


Posts must be marked with the correct rating upon submission. This applies to both descriptions and media of posts. Please see the "Enforcement" section below for details about what happens when you do not follow these rules.

Safe for Work (SFW)

Safe for work content cannot contain:

  • Sexual, adult, or suggestive themes.
  • Opinions that others may find offensive or controversial.
  • Gore or excessive blood.
  • Sexual fluids, bodily waste, or drug use.

Not Safe for Work (NSFW)

If you have content that contains anything from the list above, please mark it as "NSFW".


All content uploaded by you must be either created by you or for you and used with permission from the original creator. You must also be the copyright owner of all content you upload. Fan art of copyrighted characters is allowed as long as it is not used for monetary gain and you indicate the original copyright owner.


Screenshots of games, software, wallpapers, movies, TV shows, or any other copyrighted content is not allowed. If you are uploading a screenshot, you must be the creator of the content being displayed. The content must also be original and not a minor modification to already existing content, such as a model or template.

Profile Pictures

Profile pictures must be "safe for work" (see above), meaning that they must not contain any adult or sexual content, even if it is only suggestive. Animated profile pictures cannot contain rapidly flashing frames.

Enforcement of Rules

Breaking any of the above rules will result in one strike against your account. If you mark a post as the incorrect rating (SFW and NSFW), your post won't be removed as long as it follows the rest of the guidelines on this page, but it will have its rating manually changed to the correct rating. However, if your post does violate any of the above guidelines, it will be removed.

For more information about strikes and bans, please visit our help page.